Master student in Computer Science and Engineering in Milan. I spend some time in self learning frontend development, my main language is Python but I may write also Bash, Go, Ruby.
Happy Linux user.
Some of my personal projects:

  • a static website powered by Hugo;
  • a WebGL home planner;
  • a todo list application in Ruby on Rails.

Besides programming, I like soccer, reading, videogames (especially RPGs and Simulation), scrapbooking/cardmaking and photography. I love cycling in nature with my boyfriend and taking pictures of the wonders I meet.


A GNU/Linux geek, tech enthusiast, who love to use and develop (F)OSS both at work and for personal projects.
I've graduated at Politecnico di Milano (in Milan, Italy), with a Master Thesis on OpenPGP Keyservers, reversing the current undocumented State of the Art to produce a new modern, fast, fully featured (and documented) version, and in general my skills come from a mix of education, broad interests and self-thought.
When the laptop lid is closed I like hiking, riding the bicycle (possibly in nature), playing piano, take a good coffee, cooking, spending quality time with my significant other, listening the radio, and just keeping me busy with random ideas.